Experience, innovation and customer service: sixty years of success in the metal sector.

Alpewa is an enterprise founded in Bolzano in 1948 as a small family business specialised in sheet metal work. Originally named Niederfriniger, from the family name of its founder Luis Niederfriniger, in 1984 the firm changed its name to the current Alpewa s.r.l., from the names of the three brothers Albert, Peter and Walter Niederfriniger.

Alpewa currently operates through three different divisions:

  • metallic covering and façade systems
  • sheet metal work
  • machinery and equipment for processing sheet metal


Alpewa guarantees its clientele quality, technical expertise, support and service. Its strong point is its wealth of operating and practical experience that now enables it to provide complete design, technical and application support, making Alpewa the ideal partner for its clientele.


Metal covering and façade systems division
Through incessant technological research, Alpewa has selected the best brands from the producers of metal covering and façade systems in Europe, distinguishing itself as the leading multi-metal company in Italy.
Thanks to its technical-business organisation, the Metallic Covering and Façade Division also offers a highly quality service both as a designer and installer, by monitoring projects from the first phases until conclusion of the works.
Alpewa proposes the most complete range of cladding systems at its show-rooms in Bolzano and Brescia: from the metal crimping techniques used, through to the cladding typologies and mounting mechanisms, to allow visitors a chance to see the attractive appearance and functional aspects of every type of material or system employed.


Sheet metal work division
In the brand new 6,800 m2 factory situated in Austria, Alpewa manufactures and markets sheet metal articles and accessories for Italy and Central Europe in a wide range of metals, from copper to painted steel, titanium zinc to aluminium and stainless steel. There is a vast and diversified range of products to ensure that the sheet metal worker or cladder has a complete system for water disposal and guarantee the final user a rational use of the various components, without the need to resort to craftsmen’s or makeshift solutions.
Alpewa also has a modern services centre at the innovative Austrian factory, which has a high production capacity. This handles the customers’ requests and can also supply small quantities of material in the required formats on a direct delivery basis.


Machinery and equipment division
As a guarantee of its professional way of working, Alpewa has chosen leading European brands so as to be able to offer products from the simple tool through to industrial automation systems with unique performance: systems for double crimping, automatic panel benders, benders from 1 to 18 metres, profilers, machines for sheet metal stretching and re-pressing, clinching machines, cutting lines and equipment.
Alpewa is also a reliable partner, offering its clientele advice as to the choice of the most up to date machinery, demonstrations and construction of samples at the Brescia show-room, feasibility studies of projects, installation of the machinery and training in its use, technical back-up and maintenance.
















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